Busselton, Western Australia

Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks are a striking, dramatic geological feature on Margaret River’s Cape to Cape coast.

The Rocks are an ancient and unusual rock formation, extending from a peninsula south of Smiths Beach on the coastline between the towns of Yallingup and Margaret River.

These massive banks of granitic gneiss have eroded along a dead-straight line running north – south, forming the striking “canal” feature. Several smaller canals cross perpendicular to the main canal.

In wild and stormy weather, massive waves smash against the rocks and churn through the canals. It’s a spectacular sight to see! You can even walk across a wooden bridge over the turbulent white water to an island of more orange granite on the other side of the first canal.

Canal Rocks is one of the most easily accessible places along the Cape-to-Cape coast where you can see dramatic outcrops of the older granitic rocks that form the base of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge.

Dependent on the conditions of the day –

Walk out along the boardwalk and stand on the bridge as a big wave rushes underneath

Explore away from the boardwalk, scramble over the rocks and check out the rock pools, which are home to crabs and periwinkles

  • Marvel at the geology of Canal Rocks and the power of the ocean
  • Rock fishing
  • Swimming and jumping in off the rocks (in calm conditions)
  • Snorkeling (in even calmer conditions)
  • Scuba diving
  • Watch the sunset