Busselton, Western Australia

Primal Archery, Busselton

Primal Archery features a 10 target archery course and a separate 5 target course!

Perfect for the first timers and experienced alike. The targets vary in difficulty and each have multiple distances for you to shoot from!  Our prices including equipment rental, and discounts apply if you prefer shooting with your own gear (poundage limits do apply). 

Don't want to shoot at a target? Why not shoot your friends! (SAFELY!)

Archery Tag is a combat based sport, kind of a mix between dodgeball and paintball (without the paint - or bruises). Play by shooting foam tipped arrows across a field, all while dodging those incoming arrows.

A hybrid mix of Paintball, Archery and Dodgeball – take the best bits and you have Archery Tag!

Stay for a round of our 9 hole mini-golf course under the peppy tree canopy. Custom built by the original park owners back in 1988, this course is an oldie but a goody! A favourite addition to the mini-golf for the locals has been the spinners. Spin the wheel before each hole for a crazy twist to your match!

11 Cookworthy Rd, Abbey WA 6280

Opening Hours


Monday  - CLOSED

Tuesday  - CLOSED

Wednesday  - CLOSED

Thursday  - CLOSED

Friday  9.00am  -  4.00pm*

Saturday  9.00am  -  4.00pm*

Sunday  9.00am  -  4.00pm*


Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

**Open every day during WA school holidays

Any unexpected closures will be posted to Facebook.

*We stay open until you've finished your round. Daylight permitting.