Busselton, Western Australia


October 27, 2014


Here are the top 5 things we think kids love about staying at Mandalay Resort

  1. The Rainbow Water Slide – definitely the number one activity in the park. Climbing to the top of the ladder then shooting down the slide, landing with a splash, is always great wet fun. We can tell this is the most popular just by the expressions on the kids’ faces. We even get the big kids (parents) up there too.
  2. The Jumping Pillow – a close second is of course the giant jumping pillow. Bouncing & jumping is an uncomplicated way to spend hours of fun and a great way to run off all that extra energy. Mums & Dads are encourage to join in as well.
  3. The Lollie Shop – holiday treats are high on the list. How special to save up pocket money to spend during holidays. Heading down to the lollie shop with a $1 in your pocket and taking hours to choose just the right selection is a highlight of a Mandalay holiday. Big decisions.
  4. Riding Bikes & Scooters – kids rule the road at Mandalay and freely ride their bikes & scooters around the park in safety. But always remember the rules – No riding after dark.
  5. Making New Friends & Memories – during the school holidays and the busy summer months the park is teaming with kids all eager to join in, play, laugh and have fun together. Can’t help  but make new friends and take home childhood memories.