Busselton, Western Australia

COVID19 Policy

From Wednesday 22nd September 2021 the following COVID19 Policy applies:

  • Do not visit if you or any of your party are unwell. Similarly, if you or any member of your party becomes unwell while staying or up to 2 weeks after departure at Mandalay Holiday Resort, you must advise Reception immediately.
  • Mandalay Holiday Resort recommends all guest to have downloaded and activated the COVID Safe App.
  • Mandalay Holiday Resort requires all guests to check in via the SafeWA App QR codes available throughout the Resort.
  • Registration of ALL Guests: Guests must complete and sign a Registration Form detailing the names and contact details of each adult and child in the booking party. Registration forms will be logged for potential contact tracing if required.
  • Wristbands are to be worn by all Mandalay Guest’s(adults and children) throughout the duration of your stay.
  • All visitors (day and overnight) are required to register and pay a visitor fee at reception on arrival. Visitor wristbands will be issued to all visitors.
  • A maximum of 1 person, per 2 square meters. Signage where this applies is placed around the park. Any patrons found to be disobeying this will be asked to leave.
  • Physical distancing of 1.5m is the responsibility of every patron. Anybody found to be disregarding physical distancing measures will be asked to leave.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be supervised at all times, while exercising and playing around the park (includes bike riding and scootering), within your camp-site, caravan or cabin.
  • Guest must abide by safe practice and the required hygiene rules. Especially when using any communal facilities including laundry, ablutions and communal BBQs.
    o    Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
    o    Do not shake hands or touch anyone and to keep a 1.5 metre distance from others.
    o    Wipe over all contact surfaces using cloths and disinfectant provided
    o    Use all hand-sanitizing stations provided
  • Pools, waterslide, playgrounds, jumping pillow and games room will be open with physical distancing restrictions.
  • Please wait outside Reception limiting only 12 people at a time into the office.
  • Site requests may not be available, however we will take into consideration a request for a certain area of the park

Where a Government (Federal and / or State) requires that a person must be vaccinated against Covid (or any other disease or virus) or imposes restriction or requirement of any nature to be able to enter Western Australia, the person must comply with such requirement. Mandalay Holiday Resort will not accept a booking from any person that has not complied with or does not commit to such a requirement. Where a person makes a booking and is then unable to meet the requirement, the customer shall be barred from the premises, event or service and Mandalay Holiday Resort’s cancellation policy shall apply.

Where a requirement is introduced subsequent to the booking, and the customer is not able to comply with the new requirement, the customer shall be barred from the premises and Mandalay’s COVID-19 Credit policy shall apply.

This Policy is current as of Wednesday 22nd September 2021 and will be amended when Federal, State and Local Government restrictions are updated.  

Booking Policy
All reservations made from 20 April 2020 are subject to the corresponding cancellation policy under which your reservation was made. 
If you are required to cancel your reservation due to Government mandated travel restrictions, you will be issued a credit voucher for use at Mandalay Holiday Resort within 12 months from the date of issue. 

In addition to the above, for all reservations made from 22 September 2021 the guest agrees that they shall comply with all Government (Federal and State) COVID vaccination or testing requirements for entry into Western Australia or to access Mandalay Holiday Resort. Where the Guest is not vaccinated or tested prior to departure from the guests home location, the guest will forfeit any and all monies paid. Where the customer cancels due to travel restrictions other then vaccination or testing requirements, Mandalay will provide a credit voucher for use at Mandalay Holiday Resort within 12 months from the date of issue. Mandalay Holiday Resort reserves the right to withhold such reasonable sum to cover administrative expenses and other losses, dependent on when notice of cancellation is given by the customer.